Photo of the Week

Carrie Turner taken by Selena Garcia at Red Rock Canyon State Park, CA

Happy new year!

I hope your celebration tonight goes something like this!

Mixtape of the year

Okayplayer.com wrote this about it: “it comes to taking well known tracks, and lacing them with not so well known lyrics, to create new, and often times better songs.”

That’s saying a lot considering he’s referring to songs like Paper Planes, A Milli, Disturbia and Whatever You Like.

They also added this: “He doesn’t only rip famous tracks though. I was thoroughly impressed by his original song, “Get To Know Me” as well.”

The entire review is here and the free download of Mateo’s mixtape is here

This is a great behind the scenes clip that’ll show you why Okayplayer showed love and why DJ Felli Fel of Power 106 and the Heavyhitters called it “the most poppin’ project on the planet right now”

Blogisode 4: Making of Makin’ My Space Mixtape

Colin Munroe

I hadn’t heard anything about this dude but when Dallas Austin invited me to a showcase for him I should’ve known…he only needed one guitarist to accompany him on stage cause he sang and played the drums, the keyboard and even the xylophone!

Then when I heard his mixtape recently- I was officially a fan. He’s so talented- the fact that he’s also from Toronto isn’t even a factor!

Download Colin’s mixtape here


Lebron’s got jokes

He’s not just embarrassing grown men on the basketball court- now he’s doing this too


Almost signed him to Warner Bros a few years ago but the machine couldn’t compute. Congrats to A&M/Octone- you’ve got a true artist with an incredible story to tell

K'NAAN – ABC's Featuring Chubb Rock

For more K’naan click here

Putting you on to game…literally

I hadn’t been into games since the Wu-tang Clan made chess cool back in the day but when I played this with the family on christmas day I changed my mind!

For more about it click here

Remember this

Eric B. & Rakim- Juice (Know the Ledge)

One of the dopest soundtrack songs ever. Off my favorite flick that Tupac did. Check how intricately the R weaves references in from the movie.

Quote of the Week

“Everybody’s working to get to the top but where is the top? It’s all about working harder and getting better…” -Rihanna