Quddus brings out the best in people, from interviewing stars as a TV host to developing them as a media coach. He burst into the international spotlight as a host on MTV’s hit show “Total Request Live”. His reputation as a tastemaker led to consulting artists at Interscope Records and even directing music videos. Quddus also broke ground in new media, hosting record breaking live-streams like the inaugural Global Citizen Festival, the world premiere of “Avatar” and the Grammy Awards red carpet. Known for connecting with any audience, Chris Rock once said, “If Oprah and Ryan Seacrest had a love child, the kid would end up being like Quddus.” His joyful personality lit up a wide range of networks including NBC, ABC and CBS, even inspiring The Associated Press to call him “the coolest guy on television.” Quddus’ passion for coaching others to be their best selves on camera started with the launch of MTV in his home country of Canada when he trained their new hosts who went on to have award winning careers. Inspired to empower everyone committed to leveling up their positive impact, Quddus recently launched the innovative media training, Camera Ready.