I’m a Canadian in Brooklyn who goes from interviewing stars to developing them.

In 2001, my big break was more like a quantum leap. I went from an underground hip hop DJ in my hometown to becoming a TV host on an international hit, TRL (MTV). Considering my background, it’s no surprise that my favorite part of being on MTV was bringing artists like Common and Kanye to the mainstream.

In 2006, I left MTV to explore other ways of empowering artists. I still hosted shows like Access Hollywood (NBC), Duets (ABC) and The Insider (CBS) but I also did artist development for Myspace and Interscope Records. Chris Rock summed me up best, “If Oprah and Ryan Seacrest had a love child, the kid would end up being like Quddus.”

In 2017, my passion for bringing out the best in people turned into the media training, Camera Ready. Our new method for on screen mastery from the inside out was described by one of my favorite writers and clients Neil Strauss as “practice and insight that brings out your best self.”

When I’m not working, I’m probably with my fiancé Carmina and our dog Mechie who definitely bring out the best in me.