The Proposal

3 years ago, Carmina and I were here for the first time at Burning Man but we were firmly in the friend zone. If you had told either of us that we’d be back 3 years later in love with each other, we probably would’ve laughed awkwardly.

But after 8 years of friendship, things took a romantic turn. It’s been the greatest lesson in how things can evolve and unfold in beautiful ways that I can’t predict or plan when I let go and go with the flow.

Meanwhile, both of us has our judgments about marriage, considering the height of conformity. Then we fell in love and realized that a relationship like this is sacred and worthy of a ritual to honor that.

The theme of Burning Man this year was “radical ritual” and I really can’t think of anything more radical than marriage. Even with divorce rates getting higher, people still do it.

Carmina and I trusted our intuition, beyond what our logical minds were saying and it’s created the greatest love we’ve ever known. From the friend zone to the end zone, she said yes.

Then 2 hours after I proposed, I wrote the poem you’ll hear in this video of the moment I got on one knee and you can read the poem below.


Our first sunrise together at Burning Man,
The moment I ask for your hand.
You came along just in time,
Bursting through those clouds of mine.
Intention with pure heart. Light that hugged my dark.
The greatest adventure I’ve ever seen,
Love that brought me to one knee.

Humbled by who you are,

And how you’ve raised the bar.
A Goddess guiding on the path,
Even how you give me sass.
The greatest teacher I’ve ever known,
More than words it’s what you’ve shown.
Warmth so strong and such a gift,
An unconditional force here to uplift.
How you manage to inspire,
Just keeps burning brighter and brighter.
The sweetest sound when you said yes,
A moment that transcends all the rest.
Leaving behind that winding road,
And so grateful it’s led us home.

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