A Real Resolution

Ok so there’s a lot happening out there that could use some conflict resolution and I’m committed to doing my part to bring us all together. Some of you know that after a series of transformational experiences in 2012, including a trip to my fathers homeland Haiti, I decided to dedicate more time to making a difference in the world. I spent the next 4 years developing as a leadership coach, coaching hundreds of people and last year I got to facilitate workshops all over the world to support people to make a bigger difference too. This photo was taken at the ending celebration of a workshop I led in Colorado this past November.

Now I want to support anyone reading this right now who’s going through some kind of conflict in their life, maybe it’s you. If you’re experiencing some kind of conflict with someone in your life and you’d like some support to breakthrough that, I’m here to support you with that. It’s time for love, peace and unity that starts with each one of us. Tweet me directly if that’s you with the hashtag #imready.

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