Us For Us

There came a point where my soul might as well have been hollering through a megaphone at my mind. What it was saying loudly was that a fulfilled life is ultimately about what we do for others while we’re here. Sure enough, it’s been experiences where I have directly impacted others that has actually fulfilled me and given me a sense of purpose. That megaphone was on point and it’s led me to working with

After donating to them so that a clean water well could be built in my fathers homeland of Haiti. I got this photo, GPS coordinates, and information about the well I funded and the community it served. That transparency and follow through convinced me that this was an organization worth supporting.

Considering how the lack of access to clean water affects more people in the developing world than war, AIDS and famine combined– that megaphone hollered at me to do even more and become a board member for

Call me crazy but my vision is a world where every person has the same opportunity to thrive. It’s time to unlock our potential for generosity and love towards our brothers and sisters in the developing world. It’s also time to unlock the potential of those in the developing world. I believe in us, all of us. Consider that this young man in the photo now has the potential to grow up and be a contribution, not only in his community but maybe even the world. It’s time we realize that it’s not us and then them over there– it’s ‪us for us‬.

So now I’m curious– is that megaphone hollering inside you too? Holler at me if you’re ready to change the world too! You can provide 500 people with access to clean water by rallying your friends, family, classmates, and coworkers to fund a well. We’ll be with you every step of the way. For more about how you can be on that mission click here.

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