Thoughts About Turning 35

The older I get the less I care about my age. I care less about any labels actually. I care more about what’s underneath those labels now. I’ve learned to look past the surface and explore the substance.

I’ve learned that what I think I know isn’t as important as being curious about what I don’t know. The older I get the more I see how everyone can be my teacher. I’ve been humbled to see the places I still get to grow. In a sense, I feel more like a curious child than ever before. Considering the wonder and awe I’ve rediscovered about life, I feel like I’m actually 35 going on 3!

I’ve also never been more grateful for the people around me. People like YOU. It’s clear to me that I’m the sum total of the people who’ve made an impact on me and it’s amazing how it all adds up. Thank you for being in my life and being my teachers. These 35 years have been a magical adventure and I feel like in a lot of ways I’m just getting started!

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  1. Quddus- you are so powerful, loving, and generous. I want to help and volunteer in anyway I get to with Generosity.Org. Much respect to you. I love you and thank you for being the man you are. Susan Schneider

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