How I Lived in 2014

One Republic reached a new level of rotation in my ipod in 2014. Their song I Lived magically manages to sum up my year in 4 minutes. I faced some of my biggest fears and discovered an entirely new experience of life on the other side. My year started with diving deeper into a relationship than I ever had. After a year of us dating and finding myself opening up to love for the first time in my life, it felt like skydiving. Terrifying and exhilarating at the same damn time. We were drunk in love and decided to move in together at the beginning of the year. After 4 months of living together we got sober and decided to part ways. We both grew so much within our relationship that we out grew it. We realized we wanted something else. It was actually beautiful and the way we broke up was a testament to how much we had grown. No drama. The opposite of a reality show. We honored each other and what we had. Our love has made a graceful transition to friendship. I count it as one of the most transformational experiences of my life.

Later in the year, I faced another kind of fear when I actually went skydiving. I’ve thought about skydiving for years but my fear had me in a headlock about it until this year. It seemed like a metaphor for what’s been happening across the board in my life. Now I’m finding the courage to jump out of the comfort zone and into the open sky of what’s possible beyond my fear. When I jumped out of that plane at 18,000 feet, every bit of my logical mind was going haywire. When was logic exciting though? I’ve let logic and convention jam me up in the past but this year marked a turning point when I realized what life can actually be. A free fall unbound by the past and by fear. A leap of faith where the journey is such a thrill it makes the outcome irrelevant. Basically, I learned how to live. It’s a new plane to take flight from in 2015.

What kind of jump are you going to make?

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